Eco Bamboo Toothbrush

Eco Bamboo Toothbrush


Bamboo Toothbrushes often either claim to be plastic-free, yet come individually wrapped in plastic, or have too firm and hard bristles which are uncomfortable on the gum. As a result, we wanted to craft something different. We decided to craft a bamboo toothbrush that is extra comfortable on your teeth and gums, and also helps with your commitment to environmentally friendly living! If that won't put a smile on your face, maybe the activated charcoal bristles will- which are known to help support tooth whitening and oral health! Want to see more of our eco-friendly products? See here!

PLASTIC FREE ECO TOOTHBRUSH- Living in an eco friendly way can be hard, which is why small home changes such as reducing your plastic use make all the difference. Made from all Natural, biodegradable Bamboo, these plastic-free toothbrushes make cleaning your teeth not only great for your dental health, but also sustainable for the planet! Who knew oral health and beauty products could be so eco-friendly?

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL WHITENING BRISTLES- Not only is this biodegradable toothbrush environmentally friendly, but it also helps keep adult teeth perfect and white- as the medium-soft bristles are infused with activated charcoal, one of nature's best natural whitening materials! The bamboo charcoal helps support the removal of discolouration from tooth staining drinks, and the bristles are comfortable on the gum for a pain-free brush.

RECYCLABLE BAMBOO WOOD BRUSH - Finding recyclable yet family-friendly teeth hygiene products can be a lot to handle. That's why the Lotus Notes Bamboo Toothbrush gives you premium yet eco-friendly cleaning, at the best possible, family-friendly price! So whether you need to pack a travel toothbrush, or love the look of bamboo wood in your home, this environmentally friendly toothbrush is an essential!

ZERO PLASTIC PACKING- There are a lot of eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes on the market. But ironically, many brushes come individually wrapped in plastic- despite being sold as a 'plastic-free' sustainable toothbrush! Lotus Notes wanted to be different, and know that you are trying your best to reduce plastic and brush your teeth in an environmentally friendly way- which is why ALL of your toothbrush pack box is biodegradable (with no plastic wrap).

SUSTAINABLE GIFT OR TRAVEL TOOTHBRUSH- Whilst a plastic toothbrush takes hundreds of years to compost, a bamboo handle takes around 6 months- making bamboo the best environmentally friendly toothbrush material! This pack is not only great for travel or home use, but also as an eco-friendly gift- thanks to the stylish look of bamboo and its biodegradable properties. We hope you'll continue your eco-friendly journey with The Lotus Notes, making a difference one brush at a time!

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